Stonehouse Cattery 

At Stonehouse Cattery all of our accomodation is heated and insulated. Our cat pads are custom designed and built to acccomodate all of your feline friend's needs. From heated beds in private sleeping quarters and background local radio, to walkways, a tree house, scratch posts and carpets to explore and burn off some holiday energy. We also have two larger, luxury apartments for those discerning cats who appreciate the finer things in life.

We have worked closely with Carlisle City Council to make the apartments safe, secure and comfortable at all times.


All our pet pads and facilities have all been approved by Carlisle City Council and we keep the outer doors locked for added security and your peace of mind.


 We have the two main cat lodges and two luxury appartments all cleaned and disinfected daily using a DEFRA approved cattery cleaner.


 The Alice in Wonderland suite has 8 spacious pads and is set in the old barn for extra peace and shelter from the elements.


 The recently renovated Summer House contains 15 spacious pads, eight of which have full length windows opening out over the house paddock and Stonehouse garden so our guests can enjoy the summer breeze and a tantilising view of the local wildlife and farm animals. The other seven pads have recently been individually modified to make them even more fun for your feline friend's.