Stonehouse Cattery 

All cats visiting Stonehouse Cattery must have an up-to-date vaccination for feline influenza and feline enteritus. Please make sure you bring your vaccination certificate with you when booking in. We are unable to accept any cats without a valid certificate


We do not take un neutered Tom cats, but we do take un neutered tom kittens up to 6 months of age.

We provide wet food (Butcher's Classic) and dry cat biscuits (Husse) along with fresh water. If your cats have any special dietary requirements or easily get an upset tummy due to changes of food or environment then we recommend bringing some of their own food from home. It is recommended by most vets to introduce a new diet slowly over a period of 10 days.

We do not accept cards, we can only take cash or cheques made out to Stonehouse Cattery.

When you leave your cat with us we require you to fill out a disclaimer form that provides emergency contact infomation, which vet you use, which day you will be returning and at what time.

In the event that a customer wishes to change the duration of their cats stay with us. We need be notified as soon as possible to allow for us to alter the booking and notify other customer in the event that we are full. Early collection will still be charged at the origional rate.